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Privacy in its most affordable form

Every open space deserves a Chatbox for deep work, private calls or a creative session.  Increase your productivity by 25% With over a decade of experience, we ensure superior soundproofing to increase your productivity.

  • Single - A space to focus on your work or make uninterrupted phone calls in.

  • Duo - Perfect for 1-1 meetings and small brand storm sessions. Duo helps you to connect, collaborate and focus in private.

  • Quattro - Boost your productivity in an office that is a bit too open.

Silen is an Estonian manufacturer of unique modular silent spaces that give everyone a chance to focus in an open space. Every day, we are set on boosting creativity and on being a smart partner for businesses who care about the well-being of their teams. Or in other words, about the quality of their ideas.

Silen founders are experienced engineers who have been designing unique silent spaces for more than a decade. We have developed a form and style hand in hand with innovative technical solutions. Today we are specially proud of our top-notch air circulation system that helps to keep a clear head even on a cloudy day.


Chatbox was born from a wish to give everyone a chance to work in one flow without interruptions. We wanted to create a space that supports a mind on exploration.

Due to its long life span, our Chatbox stands out ecologically and economically. It is designed to fit the atmosphere of any modern office. And most importantly – to support your ideas in reaching their full potential.

Practically soundproof

Keep your conversations private while keeping background noise out

Quiet ventilation

Chatbox uses technology that ensures fresh air throughout your time spent inside.

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Quick assembly

Two people, 30 minutes, and one tool. No installer is needed to set up Chatbox.

20 years of experience

Made by the team behind Silen Space, leaving only the essential purpose in its simplest functional form


Abstract Colors 11

Colors that match

You can always go for the classic black&white that fits every interior. But with the new color collection, you can spice up the office vibe within no time. Choose between Sangria, Ocean Tide, Estonian Mustard, Evergreen, Misty Creek, or Charming Smoke

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All Silen office pods are CarbonNeutral®️ certified

Carbon Neutrality is achieved by calculating a carbon footprint and reducing it to zero through a combination of in-house efficiency measures, renewable energy, and external emissions reduction projects. Carbon Neutral certification means that a company has followed The Carbon Neutral Protocol to make a clear, credible, transparent claim of their carbon neutral action.

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UL listed with class A in fire resistance

Chatbox by Silen product range is certified under the premier North American Standard UL 962. 

As part of the certification, Silen’s products also passed the ASTM E84 standard fire tests and were awarded Class A in fire resistance.

Quick & Easy assembly
Chatbox Single installation takes only 30 minutes. Just grab a tool and call your friend for a half an hour meeting.

LED Lighting

Abundant natural light that is energy efficient and helps your eyes to perform at their best.

Silent fans

Silent ventilation and a fresh indoor climate to support a focused mind.


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Take a seat

With Chatbox Single, you can also pick out a stylish stool to make your calls even more comfortable.

Ready for privacy

Chatbox Single also lets you add a whiteboard with a screen bracket for a private conference call.

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Duo 1.JPG

Extra comfortable Sofa set

In addition to all the comforts of a Chatbox, you can also add custom sofas with three colour options. Have private meetings in comfort and silence.

Workstation for productivity

In addition to all the comforts of a Chatbox, you can also add custom sofas with three colour options. Have private meetings in comfort and silence.

Duo 2.JPG


quatro 2.JPG

Everything on point.

Need some extra writing surface? Quattro with a fixed table is a perfect fit for a conventional meeting.

A perfect set for teamwork

With movable tables, this Quattro is your go-to if you need some group work to be done.

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