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Simple yet chic and comfortable, T1 is an attractive choice for every meeting. Its beautiful design and comfortable functionality unites a range of possibilities. With a cantilever structure and mesh backrest, T1 conforms to the shape of your body. Comfort and style truly come together in the T1.


Environmental Features

Designed to be durable.
Made from recycled materials (16% by product weight).
Developed and manufactured through an ISO14001 managed operation with minimal use of environmentally hazardous substances.
100% recyclable.
The main components are labeled and easy to disassemble to aid recycling.

  • Stacks up to 3 chairs.

  • Leg frame: Steel pipe in chrome finish

  • Backrest shell: Engineering plastic (polyamide)

  • Backrest mesh: Polyester

  • Seat: Urethane foam cushion with polyester upholstery

  • Arm pad: Polypropylene


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