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Product line

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Without Arms

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Fixed Arms

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Adjustable Arms



Surrender to the same comfort.

Anytime, anywhere.

The quality of a chair is measured by the level of comfort you'd experience after sitting in it for long periods of time.

Primp is a basic chair that supports your back with a soft mesh fabric, giving you nice comfort. Backed up by Okamura's strong DNA in engineering, Primp freshen up the office ambiance with smart design.



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Reclining adjustment

The backrest can be locked at preset positions with tension control.

Synchro reclining mechanism

It moves in sync with you, when you move in the chair, the backrest and seat move backward or forwards accordingly, supporting your body at all times.

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Adjustable arms

The armrest is adjustable in the range of 75mm.

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Seat Height adjustable

The seat height is adjustable in the range of 120mm.


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