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4 Work Chairs That Make Workplace Atmospheres Attractive

Any place can be a workspace. From the desk, meeting room or any outside of outside of the office such as co-working spaces and cafeteria can also be workplaces. Employees work in the area best-suited to their current work activity. As a global company, Okamura provides more choices than ever. We are creating office furniture that supports how people work best.

Executive chair for conference room

Conference rooms are hubs for sharing information, expressing ideas, and conducting reviews. Designed for formal board meetings, Legender is the ultimate executive chair with a smart operation mechanism. A combination of functionality, class, and elegance, drawing upon our expertise in ergonomics and our long tradition of creating beautiful office furniture.

The ergonomic chair for office

The office is a space for employees to accomplish daily operational tasks: checking email, scheduling, reports, etc. Workers usually spend long hours sitting at the desk which may bring health concerns. Finora is an ergonomic chair that provides the modern worker with a high level of functionality for the ultimate level of comfort without sacrificing the aesthetic design.

Stylish chair for common area & cafeteria

When looking to work in a casual way or relax on a short break employees want a space where the conversation is open and flows freely. Lives Work Chairs bring a casual look to the office and are equipped with the state-of-the-art features that employees have come to expect.

Folding chair for the collaborative area

To share innovative concepts and build on the ideas of others, employees need spaces that are designed for open communication — whether with coworkers or clients. These areas can also be used for training, external seminars, events, or project teamwork. Streamlined frame, comfortable seating experience, and efficient storage capability, Marca chair is a user-friendly folding chair for meeting space.


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