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Work From Home Furniture to Keep You Productive

Work Style is changing — the COVID-19 pandemic has normalized remote work. Some companies decided to let employees work from home to protect their health.

However, many employees are facing challenges and unexpected health problems such as back, neck, shoulder strain, and hard to focus because their set-up at home is not an ideal working environment. These difficulties are negatively impacting their health, work, and productivity.

If you would like to design a conducive home office environment, here are some WFH furniture must-haves that could boost your productivity!

1. Ergonomic Office Chair

Working at home may lead to awkward sitting postures. Therefore, one of the most important parts of creating a healthy home office is to have an ergonomic chair. You should have responsive ergonomic support and adjustable functions including seat height, seat depth, armrest position, and more. Adding headrest and lumbar support can help support your neck and back.

Ergonomic Office Chair - Finora

2. Smart Adjustable Desk

Routine changing posture base on the tasks that is healthy and increase performance for WFH. The flexible posture is not only protecting your health but also inspiring and efficient for the home office. In the past, it’s not easy to find a table that can adapt sitting and standing posture, but nowadays you can easily find an Adjustable Table or Smart Table, and Swift from Okamura is one of your choices.

Smart Adjustable Desk - Swift

3. Repiroue – mix of standing and sitting

It is important to change your posture to best suit the task at hand. Okamura developed “repiroue”, a perfect combination of sitting and standing, which is a new style of work posture.

This posture helps to reduce stress on the lower back than sitting, on the other hand, it supports reducing stress on the feet than standing.

Repiroue - the perfect combination of sitting and standing

4. Desk Lamp Insufficient lighting can put a strain on your eyes and more likely to experience tiredness and loss of focus. A desk lamp with task lighting can provide the correct amount of light directed towards tasks.

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