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The Perfect Combination of Sitting and Standing – a New Style of Work Posture

It is no secret that changing our posture throughout the day is essential to our well-being in the office. What’s more, adapting a posture that is appropriate for the task at hand helps relieve the stress placed upon the body. Okamura recommends five postures for increased office productivity and efficiency. Among them is the perching posture, a perfect combination of standing and sitting, which is suitable for a standing meeting or a touchdown. Our perching stool, Repiroue was brought to life with the intention of making the perching posture more accessible in the office environment.

repiroue_im01 (1).jpg


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The supporting column can tilt in all directions with your body allowing you to sit at a comfortable angle and move freely.

Reduce the stress on your body for a comfortable work posture


Pelvis is stable due to 3-point support from soles of the feet and the hip bone

Less strain on the lower back than when sitting

Less stress on the feet than when standing

Pelvic angle Approx. 5°

Seat angle Approx. 10°

Approx. 130°

30% of body weight is on the feet

70% of body weight is on the seat


The height can adjust between 565mm (22 1/4") to 815mm (32 1/8").


You can press the ring with all-around access underneath the seat, making height adjustment quick and easy.


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