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Office furniture products are not only focused on aesthetically pleasing, but also need to pay more attention to the functions of supporting workers' health, optimizing convenience, and improving work productivity.


Okamura's ergonomic furniture products meet the above requirements as well as focus on choosing environmentally friendly materials and designs.

pd nagare 4.jpg

Nagare, which means ‘flow’ in Japanese, is a new collection of lounge furniture that responds to the way we work today. This collection of seating and tables, inspired by nature, brings a gentle sense of movement and creates a place of repose.


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The office is not only a place to work but also a "living room" where you spend more than one-third of the day. For workers, office comfort is a major factor that can influence the outcome of new business ideas and various projects. Alt Living is a sofa system that brings "living room comfort" to the current office. You can create a space where you can work more happily.


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The Lives Work Lounge chair is not only for relaxing. It’s designed to keep the lower body relaxed while maintaining the spine and neck upright for an ideal posture for work.


Lives Pouf Product category 1628x400.png

Lives Pouf is designed to encourage creative thinking and to support informal ways of working and collaboration in the shared areas of the workplace – such as cafes and touch-down points, break-out spaces, and co-working environments.  Its softness and warmth allowing you to create a place to repose within the information storm of our times.  With a wide range of upholstery options Lives Pouf can match with any interior



Liveshelf cate.jpg

A shelf with a wide range of usability and configuration, extending the versatility of a display shelf. By reconsidering the structure of the frame and shelf board, it has evolved into a minimalistic design. Not only can it partition the space, but it also can allow or block the visual field with a combination of panels.


Chatbox Product category 1628x400_edited.jpg

Every open space deserves a Chatbox for deep work, private calls or a creative session.  Increase your productivity by 25% With over a decade of experience, we ensure superior soundproofing to increase your productivity.

CHATBOX by Silen

pd drap 1_edited.jpg

Simple and functional. A product for open offices. An indispensable product for open office spaces. Drape is a minimal-sized pod with sound-absorbing capability. It takes up as little as four carpet tiles to build and transform open offices into a hub of concentration. The outer side of the two-toned panels is colored with brighter hues to uplift the office, while the inside panels are covered with a calming gray tone.


Lives Post Beam Product Category L.png

Subtle, adjustable boundaries, offer places for authentic conversations, that build trust, care, and a sense of belonging. These powerful connections will help teams collaborate more effectively and contribute to a creative and innovative team culture. 


Sprint Product category 1628x400.png

Given the inherent limits to individual increases in efficiency, it's necessary to improve teamwork.

Okamura has envisioned a new way to accelerate teamwork.

Welcome to workplace efficiency redefined for a new era.


posit a cate 1500x500.jpg

Posit is a partition system that features beautifully streamlined 40mm width panels that are available in a variation of sizes and colors, which can be easily configured to create an enclosed space in the office. Its clean and simple design blends into any kind of office ambiance at a reasonable price.


godo cate 1500x500.jpg

5° GO-DO high-performance acoustic panels were designed by Gensler & Associates International Limited to stylishly improve acoustics in open offices. The neutral colors and subtle geometric extrusions create an exquisite, subtle design accent suitable for any office space. 5° GO-DO comes in three shades of gray with creative and modern designs.

5° GO-DO

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