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Multi-purpose chairs

Multi-purpose chairs are chairs often used for many different purposes in the office such as meeting room chairs, training room chairs, and chairs used in open exchange spaces..


Plimode is like a custom-tailored suit made by a master craftsperson—attention goes into every stitch, every detail, every fit, and every finish. Not only does it fit as comfortably as bespoke tailored suiting, the cloth on the back rest and seat have been painstakingly applied to ensure there are no gaps, divides, or creases. It is a work of engineered office comfort 70 years in the making with every bit of the craftsmanship and design the house of Okamura has to offer.



Experience the impossible lightness and effortless support of Cynara, a task chair that integrates intuitive, responsive functionality with a clean-cut, refined aesthetic to complete any work setting. Cynara draws on the strength and flexibility of its gently curved frame, a responsive structure that flexes and adapts, cradling the seat, to support movement and provide comfort.


Lives Work.png

Today’s office chairs demand more than functionality. Relaxed, residential-feel spaces create work environments where workers express themselves and thrive. Lives Work brings a casual look to the office and is equipped with the state-of-the-art features that employees have come to expect.



Luce uses innovative technologies to fit with your body throughout all postural changes from sitting to standing. Its “smart relaxation” mechanism absorbs most of the impact on your body when you sit down and provides a relaxing embrace. Luce also facilitates standing, by gently pushing the buttocks upwards, making it particularly suitable for active work scenarios where you are required to stand up frequently.



Elevate the meeting space with a touch of high-quality hospitality. Streamlined frame, comfortable seating experience, and efficient storage capability. MC is a user-friendly chair that brings a new sense of value to meeting areas.



Runa has a simplistic design that embodies the functional needs of versatile office environments, Runa offers a wide variety of colors and finishes for a comprehensive seating collection. When you need the freedom to think creatively and want those big ideas, Runa gives you that freedom and support to succeed.


Ena Product category 1628x400.png

With minimal functionality, the aesthetic and structure are kept as simple as ever. Its simplicity and attention to detail characterize the e.n.a. chair.


81T1l Product category 1628x400.png

Simple yet chic and comfortable, 81T1 is an attractive choice for every meeting. Its beautiful design and comfortable functionality unite a range of possibilities. With a cantilever structure and mesh backrest, 81T1 conforms to the shape of your body. Comfort and style truly come together in the 81T1.


Zart - Cate.png

Zart is a simple yet stylish stacking chair with a specially developed mesh material cradling the body comfortably.  A newly developed mesh material provides the ultimate in comfort and performance, and the understated design brings a modern elegance to your office space.


Product category T2 1628x400.png

The meeting room chair 81T2 with a special design helps optimize storage space, which can be stacked or nested. Many colors and superior designs, easily match various design styles.



Repiroue - perfect combination of Sitting and standing - a new style of Work Posture Create a healthy, dynamic workplace with a stool that stimulates work engagement by keeping the body and mind active. Repiroue tilts with the body in any direction. Designed based on ergonomic principle, Repiroue bring a best comfortable seating, freedom creative during working time.


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