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4 criteria of a high-class Japanese office chair.

The high-end office chairs from Okamura, the office furniture brand from Japan are created based on research about ergonomics a follow up 4 facts below:

1. Comfort: Each chair is created based on meticulous research on the human body, the intensity of activities to create products that are suitable for people. In addition, the chairs’ details can adjust to suit different users.

The ergonomic chair Sylphy can adjust the backside to make sure can fit with the body’s back.

2. Design: Never stop creating, and corporate with famous design companies in the world such as Italdesign, and Rainlight. Since then, creating masterpieces that won many prestigious awards such as Good Design Awards, Reddot Awards, and Universal Design Awards.

The ergonomic chair Sabrina

3. Quality & Technology: Japan is always at the forefront of creating high-quality, and durable products. Not stopping there, Okamura always finds new techniques to make office chair products more and more perfect. Gradation support mesh is one of Okamura's innovations, the mesh structure density in each back’s position ensures that the back is always supported.

The ergonomic chair - Baron

4. Environment: In general, a Japanese manufacturer and Okamura in particular always think about sustainable development as one of the prerequisites and are attached to the business’s development strategy. The goal is to use clean energy, reduce waste to the outside environment, and improve the ability to recycle products after use.

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