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An adjustable height desk – Swift, The table of the future.

Employees usually sit posture during working time. However, taking the same posture for a long time puts a heavy burden on the body and has various health problems. Therefore, Okamura initiates a new working way – standing posture.

Since the smart adjustable desk was born. Employees can easily adjust the height according to the scene and physique.

Repeated standing and sitting postures have positive effects on maintaining health, improving efficiency, and promoting interaction.

At Okamura, with the cooperation of research institutes and researchers, we did demonstration tests, to verify the effect of posture on the body when working at the up-and-down desk. These verifications show that the combination of standing work and sitting work affects health status, concentration, and spirit.

A Combination of Standing and sitting posture reduce tire.

Experiment participants who combine standing and sitting posture feel less tired than only sitting posture.

Leg swelling is reduced when constantly changing posture from standing to sitting.

Measure the calf circumference before and after work of the people participating test. The result shows people who usually change posture from standing to sitting have small sizes than people who only sit or only stand. So this means, changing sitting and standing posture is also effective for swelling.

Change posture to reduce drowsiness

Drowsiness that impacts concentration, is a great enemy for work efficiency. As a result of the experiment, it shows that the degree of drowsiness was higher when the keep sitting posture, or standing posture long time." This means the change in posture will increase concentration and improve work efficiency.

Standing posture reduces subjective symptoms such as lower back pain.

The results show that adding 10 to 40 minutes of "stand posture" every hour reduces lower back pain rather than continuing sit posture for 2 hours... We suggest usually applying a standing posture every day to keep the back and hip in good condition.

Benefits for health. The result after researching shows the benefits when combining standing and sitting posture.

- Get better sleep.

- Reduce mental and physical stress.

- Full energy to work even on weekends.

Adjustable | Smooth height adjustment

Change sit posture to stand posture easily by touching a button.

Height can adjust from 1250mm to 650mm.

Start pushing slowly, then speed up until meeting a suitable height. Putting many objects on the top plate will not affect the speed. The quiet design support you avoid stress when using.

Design | Smooth Form Edge

Comfortable on the arm even in standing posture, the smooth curved surface finish on the top plate edge.

Safety | Safety Reverse & Power Saving

Safety status is always active. When the top plate moves and meets any objects, the desk will stop or move back and keep the distance from 1cm to 3cm.

* This function is to prevent damage to the object or product, but it does not guarantee operation under all conditions.


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