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An innovation of gaming future begins with STRIKER

Okamura, leading role in ergonomic furniture, have experience in research and developing a table, and office chair, we recognize not only people in the office spend more time in the chair, but also gamers too. From this idea, STRIKER chair was born, a trendy product, special for gamers.

We combine the essential functions of ergonomic chairs with a unique and powerful design. We hope STRIKER chair will go with gamers to conquer all the top positions.

The headrest can easily adjust up/down, front/back, and create a corner up to 23 degrees, that can fit with any person.

Arms allow gamers to easily adjust until having a comfortable posture on whatever devices (mobile or PC game)

The other important part is a cushion, designed by Okamura’s unique technique, that reduces the pressure on the thigh. Moreover, breathable fabric is used for the parts that come into direct contact with the body, and vinyl leather is used for the sculptural parts to achieve both beauty and functionality.

STRIKER chair allows adjusting the seat height and seat deep, easily reclining ankle tilt, which helps gamers can change posture during the seating time.

These collections have smart adjustable tables and shelves designed ergonomically to support healthy seating posture even though gamers can sit for a long time.

There are 2 versions STRIKER EX and STRIKER SD, In each style, we have 3 colors for your choose, find more detail about STRIKER here.


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