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Application of Green materials in ergonomic chair production

The trend of green living is increasingly spreading in the community. Manufacturers not only create ways to reduce emissions to the surrounding environment but also develop more environmentally friendly materials, with special emphasis on recyclable materials.

The ergonomic chair - Contessa Circular is one of the pioneers in using recycled materials.

The ergonomic chair - Contessa Circular, Okamura Vietnam
  • SEAT

Cushion: E-LOOP, recycled cushioning - This innovative three-dimensional knitted resin excels in air permeability and pressure dispersion. This provides a more comfortable sitting experience. It is also 100% recycled.

Fabric: Re:net, a fabric recycled from discarded fishing nets. We developed this environmentally friendly fabric by knitting together strands of REAMIDE, spun from salvaged fishing nets, with recycled PET yarns. The result is both exquisite and sustainable.

Leather: CircuLeather™ is a leather product comprising more than 90% bio-based, plant-derived materials. -It is produced with reduced water and electricity consumption and after a long use-life, it will be returned to the soil as fertilizer.

  • MESH BACK - Recycled mesh is used plastic bottles that are recycled into fiber to make our own strong and sustainable mesh.

The ergonomic chair - Contessa Circular, Okamura Vietnam

  • THE SHELL AND FRAME are constructed from recycled nylon, made from used and salvaged fishing nets (REAMIDE).

The ergonomic chair - Contessa Circular, Okamura Vietnam


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