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Why need to choose ergonomic chair?

Nowadays, the concept of ergonomics chair is no longer strange, and they have concerned by everybody. However, there are many customers have still not deeply known about it, and why ergonomic chair is becoming a trend now. Let’s explore the strong points of ergonomic chair.

1. What is ergonomic chair?

The ergonomic chairs were born to support human sitting with the right posture. These are smart products that bring the comfortable and leverage work performance.

At the office, most people use office chairs for a long time, without the correct sitting posture, which will cause shoulder, back, and leg pain. Over time, if you do not adjust your posture in time, it will lead to many bad effects on your health, as well as your work performance. With that in mind, ergonomic chairs are here to solve these difficulties.

The appearance of the ergonomic chair is the same as that of ordinary office chairs, but it is equipped with superior features to ensure that people have a healthy posture. In addition, the structure of the seat cushion and the back of the chair should be designed to support the human body.

2. Why do you need ergonomic chair?

Health factor is one of the important reasons that you should invest in an ergonomic chair. This product will support you to have a healthy sitting posture and also support reducing office diseases, and shoulder and back pain.

You want to improve your personal performance. By using a variety of materials, it not only brings comfort and ventilation when sitting, combined with functions that help adjust the chair to fit and suit each body shape. Ergonomic chairs give you comfort when sitting, increase concentration, and improve work productivity.

3. The outstanding points of the ergonomic chair compare with other chair

▶ Design

Many ergonomic chairs are carefully invested from the outside design, with different styles such as minimalist style, classic style, or there are ergonomic chairs specifically for gamers. There are chairs that are combined with famous design companies, to create extremely unique product models. Like the Finora chair – combined with Italdesign company specializing in the production of popular car models.

The design of the back of the chair is very important, the back of the chair needs to cover the back during body movement. The lumbar support part with a spinal support device will help the chair back hug the spine curve.

A very important part is how to combine the complex internal functions of an ergonomic chair into a chair with a simple design, which is one of the factors that create the peculiarity of ergonomic chairs.

▶ Material

The mesh fabric needs to be strong, to keep its shape during long use, there are even chairs that can be used for people weighing up to 100kg.

The seat cushion needs to choose a material to be able to support the hips and thighs, feel smooth and airy, but not hot, not flattened during use.

The legs of the chair need to be strong to be able to withstand the load of the whole body. Especially when sitting as well as when reclining. Many types of ordinary office chairs, people sitting when they fall back easily lose their balance.

The wheels are designed to be large, and slide smoothly, making it easy to move while working. Some famous brands, such as Okamura, have different types of wheels for carpet areas, or hard floors, for maximum user convenience.

▶ Functional

For an ordinary office chair that only has a height adjustment function, the ergonomic chair is equipped with a lot of features to help the occupant get the best sitting posture for health and convenience at work.

Some basic features like:

  • Adjust the seat depth, making sure the fold behind the knees touches the seat cushion.

  • Fall tension adjustment function. For people with low weight, it will be difficult to fold the seat back, due to insufficient force. Some seats are equipped with this feature, allowing the occupant to adjust the level of heavy or light fall to suit their body. There are even some chairs with automatic adjustment functions, the person sitting without any operation can easily recline, and change position quickly during work.

  • Lumbar support helps to adjust the lower back of the chair to fit the spine according to each body shape.

  • The armrest of the chair can be adjusted up to 4 directions, so you can put your hands comfortably while working, or reading...

  • Some accessories such as headrests, coat hangers, etc. help increase comfort when using the chair.

4. Some best seller ergonomic chairs from Okamura

Finora – the ergonomic chair - a combination of luxury and high technology

Finora high-class office chair is designed by ITALDESIGN - the world's leading design company. Customers can choose the upholstery color and frame color of the chair to suit their working space.

ergonomic chair

Outstanding features of Finora staff chair:

  • Adjustable arm

  • Multi-Density Cushion

  • Ankle tilt reclining

  • Flexible seat frame

  • Quick slide action

  • Seat height adjustment

  • Seat depth adjustment

Sylphy - Ergonomic Chair - the office chair for everyone

Okamura has developed the Sylphy - office chairs based on each person's different body shape. The seat curve is uniquely designed to easily adjust to different back sizes.

ergonomic chair

Outstanding features of Sylphy staff chair

  • Back curve adjustments

  • Multi-Density Cushion

  • Adjustable arms

  • Synchro-Tilt mechanism

  • Adjustable recline

  • Seat height and depth adjustment


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