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How do choose a suitable office chair?

Officers spend nearly 8 hours per day sitting on the office chair. Owning a suitable office chair not only brings comfort, and protects health but also contributes to improving work performance, contributing to the development of the business. This will certainly be a reasonable investment to contribute to improving the quality of the working environment in today's world.

The chair’s height needs to be suitable for the body and the desk. Correct posture must ensure that the thighs and legs form a right angle to the ground. Therefore, you should choose chairs with an adjustable seat cushion.

The ergonomic chair - Finora

For jobs that need to sit for a long time, the office chair should equip a comfortable cushion. That’s why the multi-density cushion from Okamura was born, the structure includes 3 different densities, soft in the front and hard in the back, helping to reduce pressure on the thighs and increase blood circulation.

The ergonomic chair - Sylphy

One of the essential parts of the office chair, lumbar support helps to maintain the S curve, and bring an ideal posture.

The ergonomic chair - Sabrina

The meeting room always has long discussions, in order to bring comfortable for people, the chair should have a flexible recline that helps the people can easily change their posture during the meeting time. At the same time, to avoid people's need to struggle to find ways to adjust, the chair in the meeting room should have an automatic weight sensing mechanism that automatically adjusts to the optimal reclining tension for people.

The ergonomic chair - Plimode

The office chair for senior management should have Smart Operation, which adjusts chairs smoothly by touching under the armrest. This is the most innovative technology from Okamura now.

The ergonomic chair - Contessa II

Customer service is also an important criterion. You should prioritize choosing long-standing brands that will always commit to quality with a long-term warranty. And should buy products from genuine suppliers.

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