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Basic knowledge to choose the office chair

Office chairs play a very important role in the working space. This is not only an interior item that helps to create a common space, but also a product that effectively supports work protects health, and improves work productivity.

Here are some suggestions to help you choose the right office chair.

1. Selecting office chair according to position

1.1. The office chairs that are suitable for the director

For high-level executive chair models, it is often preferred to choose products with leather material, so it should be accompanied by a headrest so that you can rest your back. In addition, there should be an additional coat hanger to help keep the suit and outfit ready for any meeting.

office chair

  • The high-end office chair – Legender is the most advanced work chair product of Okamura today, with genuine leather material, combined with delicate decorative motifs. The ergonomic Legender is equipped with an intelligent operation function, adjusting the chair right at the arm of the chair to help bring maximum convenience to the occupants.

  • The high-end office chair Contessa II is a typical product of Okamura, although it has been around for 20 years and has undergone many upgraded versions, the Contessa II office chair has always been evaluated as a high-class ergonomic chair in terms of quality, function, as well as luxurious design.

  • The high-end office chair Choral has the most variations, easy to choose colors, accessories, and materials. The Choral Ergonomic Chair will be the ultimate executive office chair with the luxurious design, full functionality of an ergonomic chair.

1.2 The office chairs that suitable for managers

We should choose the manager's office chair often different from other staff chairs. The headrest and arm are accessories that should be included when choosing a chair.

office chair

  • The high-end office chair Finora has a fashion style, designed by Italdesign company (Italy) - specializing in designing high-end cars. The seat is spacious, providing maximum comfort when sitting for a long time.

  • The high-end office chair Sabrina has an icon design on the backside. All functions related to ergonomics provide maximum support during work.

  • The high-end office chair Sphere is Okamura's latest product, with a uniquely designed frame that fits both men and women, easily embracing the entire spine to help people have the most comfortable experience.

1.3 The office chairs that suitable for staff

Staff will often use the office chair for a long time, so the office chair needs to be comfortable, along with the spine support. The staff chair can be selected from the same type as the manager's chair, but we can reduce the accessories such as headrests or hangers, or arms to help make a difference but still ensure consistency.

office chair

  • The high-end ergonomic chair - Finora with spine support and spacious seat cushion, creating comfort when used for a long time. You can flexibly choose a multi-density cushion to create comfort, or a mesh seat to increase ventilation during working.

  • The high-end ergonomic chair - Sphere with an outstanding point in the backrest design of the chair, ensuring it fit both men and women, the seat can be adjusted to fit snugly the thighs to help support healthy posture during work.

  • The high-end ergonomic chair - Sylphy, a best-selling office chair from Okamura, we can adjust the back curve with the tools right on the back, and it's easy to adjust the seat to fit the back curve according to different body shapes.

  • The high-end ergonomic chair - Lives Work high-class office chair has an elegant design, creating a highlight for the working space. The chair is equipped with ergonomic functions, combined with unique fabrics, exclusively produced by Okamura.

1.4 The multi-function chairs for the meeting room, and training room.

Meeting room chairs are chairs used for meeting and training purposes. The audience will be diverse from customers, and partners, to employees... Therefore, chairs in meeting rooms are often designed to bring a comfortable feeling to anybody when sitting down. One of the advanced functions of the high-end office chair in meeting rooms is the automatic reclining tension function that can auto-adjust the reclining tension based on the body weight. It’s able to create convenience for users even at the first experience.

  • The high-end office chair Shibusa, often used for meeting rooms because the chair has the function of automatically adjusting the reclining tension depending on the weight of the person sitting

office chair

  • The multi-function chair Cynara, an ultra-light chair, combined with an automatic reclining tension function provides a comfortable experience for anyone when using the chair.

office chair

  • The multi-funciton chair Runa has many versions from office chairs, meeting room chairs, training chairs with folding tables, and attached storage. Chairs are available in a variety of colors and materials to suit individual design requirements. Especially in some versions, the chair can be easily folded and has wheels for easy movement. This will be a plus point to save space, and easily change the classroom space.

office chair

office chair

  • The multi-function chair E.N.A has a minimalist design, colorful, this is also an option for meeting areas.

office chair

office chair

office chair

1.5 The ergonomic chair in home office

The trend of working from home (WFH) is increasingly popular, so the demand for home office chairs is increasing. How to choose a chair that suits your demand will be the question of many peoples, here are some sharing from Okamura

If you need to work for a long time, you should prioritize selecting ergonomic chairs that support the spine, and many adjustable functions such as seat depth, back recline, or forward tilt... to have a healthy posture.

The style and color of the chair are suitable for the general taste and design space. Okamura's chair models are available in a variety of options to suit your unique needs.

The Seat material is safe, comfortable, and durable. If it is a seat mattress, it should be smooth and avoid deformation during use. If it is a mesh, it needs to be firm, and comfortable when sitting, to avoid stretching and changing shape.

  • The ergonomic chair - Cynara, with a delicate design, and accents on the wheel, will be a product with a design that is compatible with many spaces. The mesh fabric creates ventilation; the wide seat creates comfort. The chair provides the most comfortable sitting experience when not working for a long time.

office chair

  • The ergonomic chair Sylphy, with an adjustable backrest to fit each body shape, and multi-density seat cushion, not only comfortable but also helps blood circulation to the lower body, reducing the feeling of numbness in the legs when using use. You should invest in additional headrests and armrests if you need to use the chair for a long time because it will help you have comfortable relaxing moments.

office chair

  • The ergonomic chair Contessa II office chair, in case you want to invest more, you can refer to the Contessa II, which has undergone many upgraded versions over the past 20 years. The most typical is the Smart Operation function, which adjusts the seat (height, backrest) right at the arm of the chair. The seat cushion is spacious and comfortable.

office chair

2. What points create differences between a high-end office chair and a regular office chair?

  • The design is created based on in-depth research on the human body, so that it can bring maximum comfort, contributing to improving working efficiency. Many large corporations like Okamura, also cooperate with many prestigious partners in the world such as Italdesign to create chairs with fashionable designs. Especially elegant is that the outside design looks very simple, but the inside it contains many extremely complex functions of an ergonomic chair.

  • The chair's function is like the brains of an ergonomic chair. The more functions the chair has will bring the most comfortable when sitting. The functional high-end office chair will be created based on human morphological studies that will provide the most accurate support for a healthy sitting posture.

  • Safe and healthy materials are tested by obtaining global certifications. The material is breathable, comfortable, and does not deform for a long time. Some large corporations also develop more types of recycled materials, contributing to building green earth.

  • A Long-term warranty is a commitment to the quality of high-end products.

3. Some workspace ideas that combine high-end office chairs and desks

Desks and chairs are an indispensable duo in any office. Some typical desk models are easy to coordinate in the workspace. Okamura's desks can be customized in size, color, tabletop, table legs, and a lot of accessories to optimize working space.

  • OREE table signifies a point that infuses simplicity and strength while drawing inspiration from Japanese origami. This product is a result of the collaboration of Okamura and Orbit design studio.

office chair

  • Manifold-A is a special product, that creates an optimal office layout that prioritizes your needs and responds to diverse situations. Manifold is a perfect product for your office layout. Simple design, flexible conception, and dynamic function are about Manifold-A.

office chair

  • The adjust height table Swift, ensures the rotation of changing working positions, creating maximum comfort, and helping to support health.

office chair

  • The VD-A high-class desk and chair have a simple design, with many accessories included to help maximize storage and conceal electrical wires to create a tidy working space. Easily combine multiple desks, creating office designs that follow different trends.

office chair


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