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OKAMURA - Standards for selection of office chairs

Do you know a suitable chair, not only brings comfort when sitting, protects health but also helps increase work productivity? If you are wondering how to choose office chairs, this will be the content you are interested in.

1. Outstanding features make Okamura a high-class office chair

Normal office chairs usually only have a height adjustment function, a few can adjust the backrest, and the armrest can be adjusted up and down.

A high-class office chair needs to meet the following factors:

  • The chair can support the correct sitting posture, good for health.

  • The chair functions (height adjustment, backrest, etc.) need to be easily adjusted and can be adjusted right at hand.

  • The material brings comfort to the user (breathable fabric, high durability)

  • Delicate design easily blends with the design space.

2. Why is Okamura high-end office chair always leading the market?

Okamura office furniture is a leading Japanese brand with more than 70 years of experience, experts from Okamura have created office chairs that are fully equipped with features and have high aesthetics.

Some exclusive techniques from Okamura

  • Multi-density mattress is made up of layers of material with 3 different levels, increasing from front to back, helping to support the hips, and reducing pressure on the lower legs.

  • Lumbar support device is attached to the back of the chair, helping to adjust the curvature of the chair back to hug the back of the occupant, ensuring that the back is always supported during the sitting process.

  • Armrest can be adjusted up to 4D, creating comfort during operation.

  • Okamura's mesh fabric provides ventilation when sitting, but still ensures to keep the shape during use.

3. Some products of the high-end Okamura office chair line

Here are some suggestions for choosing office chairs for employees or managers.

Finora high-class office chair is designed by ITALDESIGN - the world's leading design company. Customers can choose frame color, fabric material

Outstanding features of Finora staff chair:

  • Adjustable armrests

  • Multi-Density Cushion

  • Ankle tilt reclining

  • Flexible seat frame

  • Quick slide action

  • Seat height adjustment

  • Seat depth adjustment

The Sabrina features an iconic, versatile ring structure. Sabrina - high-class office chair helps people sit comfortably with backrest, straightening, and stretching positions.

Features of Sabrina chair:

  • Seat height adjustment

  • Seat depth adjustment

  • Multi-Density Cushion

  • Ankle tilt reclining

  • Adjust reclining tension

  • Quick slide action

  • Adjustable armrests

This is the preeminent chair for employees as well as managers, Sylphy high-class office chair has a curved seat frame and is easily adjusted based on each person's body shape.

Outstanding features of Sylphy staff chair

  • Adjust the curvature of the seat back

  • Multi-Density Cushion

  • Adjustable armrests

  • Synchronous Tilt Mechanism

  • Adjustable recline tension

  • Seat height and depth adjustment

It can be said that a beautiful office design contributes to improving the outlook of the company, but the good office chair for employees, and management levels will be the foundation of the company's internal quality. A high-class office chair creates comfort, improves work quality, and contributes to protecting the health of the occupants. If you are looking for high-end office chairs, or staff chairs for your office in Ho Chi Minh City, you can refer to office chairs from Okamura brand. We are a long-standing brand from Japan specializing in providing high-class office chairs with designs that are suitable for your health.


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