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What are high-end office desks?

1. Tips to choose office desks, directors' desks, senior managers‘ desks for

The office desk is not only a function for sitting and working, but it is also a decorative product for the working space. Depending on different working needs, there are different table designs.

  • For example, when you need to design an independent work area and increase privacy and individuality, a desk with a panel will be the first choice.

  • For jobs that need to increase exchange and interaction, long tables with wiring trays will be the optimal choice.

  • For areas used for short exchanges with comfort, a table with a height of 1m will be the optimal choice. It not only creates a comfortable feeling when standing and talking but also helps employees actively change their posture while working to reduce office diseases.

The director's desk or table for senior management is designed with the outlook not only a normal office desk but also a representation of the level and position of the heads of the company or organization. This is an indispensable item in a modern office, especially in large-scale companies.

Similar to the director's chair, the director's desk needs to be large, L-shaped, or horizontal. The material of the director's desk is quite diverse from wood, stone, and steel ... They often use high-quality, durable materials.

There are many types of executive office desks on the market, from basic desks to smart desks that can be adjusted to height, and easily connected to electrical devices. In addition, the smart design can completely hide the wires and cables.

With these special features, creating a high-end executive desk not only helps users work more efficiently but also creates a classy and professional style for the business environment.

2. What are the elements of a high-class office desk?

Beautiful and luxurious design

Usually high-end tables will have a simple design, to be able to highlight high-quality materials. Users will be able to customize the material and size of each detail on the table, to be able to personalize the product according to their own preferences and needs. The current high-end tables will have an area to cover the wiring and cables… to keep the delicate beauty during use.

High quality

Product quality depends on production techniques and materials. Products that are considered high-end often use long-lasting materials, and are diverse in combining many types of materials to create a product. In addition, the sustainability factor in design and material selections always is a concern.

Unique feature

There are many designs of L-shaped tables or horizontal tables. Various sizes for easy selection. In particular, some product lines also come with a height adjustment function, helping people to get a reasonable height, suitable for use. The safety and sophistication in high-end design are clearly demonstrated through some types of tables, which have rounded edges, helping users not to hurt their hands during long use. If the desk has drawers, the drawers of the table are also designed to be smooth, ensuring safety during use.

3. Some suggestions from Okamura for executive desks, high-end office desks

Traverse - High-end Office Desk

It’s a high-end office desk, with an ultra-thin tabletop design, less than 2.5cm, compared to a length of more than 5m. This is what creates an elegant look for a large table. The table is used with high-grade wood, with a design that hides all the wiring and cables.

office desk

Traverse Satellite - High-class Office Desk

Okamura co-designed with Rainlight, high-class office desk Traverse Satellite elegant design, more compact size than Traverse desk. Tables have many shapes, rectangular tables, and round tables, customers can choose the shapes and materials of each part to suit each office space. This is the right table for the meeting room area or the director's reception area.

office desk

Inspired by Japanese Origami art, Oree high-class office desk is a design combination between Okamura and Orbit design studio, this is also a reasonable choice for a manager's desk. Oree has a unique stylized part at the foot of the table, can combine two different colors on the tabletop and legs, easily creating a creative space, full of ideas when sitting and working. In particular, the table has many colors and 2 heights suitable for sitting or standing position when working.

office desk

It has a simple and flexible design suitable for all your workspaces. The table has two designs of beveled and straight legs, single table or compound table. Easily coordinate with different workspace designs and layouts.

office desk

It’s height-adjustable desk provides working flexibility with up/down design, easy to change working position (from sitting to standing). This not only meets different working needs but also creates comfort and supports a healthy working posture. The table has an extremely safe design, with the edge of the table being angled to help hands not hurt during use. In addition, the reverse operating mechanism, when you are operating against an obstacle, the table will move in reverse to ensure the safety of the user.

office desk


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