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Why do you need an ergonomic chair with Forward Tilt Mechanism

Chairs and desks, in particular, are used for a long time and relate directly to physical health. Thus, if you are going to buy an ergonomic chair for your office or home office, you better choose carefully and take a look at the functions.

Most modern office chairs come with a reclining function. But not many of them have Forward Tilt Mechanism that allows your chair to be tilted up or down. With Forward Tilt, it helps you to release pressure on the abdominal region and lower back. Also, the pelvis is upright, the back muscles are extended, and the head is positioned straight.

When we are working, we may easily lean forward which leads to a poor sitting posture. It will increase the pressure on the abdominal region, and load on the neck and shoulders. The pelvis tilts and the spine hunch over, resulting in lower back pain.

One of Okamura’s bestselling ergonomic chairs is Sylphy, with Synchro-Tilt mechanism. It moves the backrest and seat in sync for increased comfort and support. With both standard reclining and forward tilt functions, you can choose from free-flow recline, or locked positions to accommodate various needs and work styles.

The Forward-Tilt function allows the seat to tilt forward 10 degrees, so Sylphy can support you even through long periods of intensive computer work, by keeping the pelvis in a neutralized position. It also helps to reduce the stress on your body by maintaining the natural s-curve of the spine for better posture.


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