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Why is the Japanese office chair always the first choice of businesses?

1. The concept of product creation takes people as the root.

The designs are based on the study of the human shape, and the level of activity, and products are designed to bring comfort to the person sitting, improving productivity and work efficiency. The ergonomic chair models were born in this way. The seat is a multi-density cushion, which not only provides comfort and ventilation but also helps distribute gravity, and reduces pressure on the thighs to improve blood circulation, dense cushions in the back help support Firm the hips to stabilize and improve posture.

The ergonomic chair – Contessa II

2. Suitable with Asian body.

We understood the officer spend more than 8 hours/day. An office chair that fits with the body will bring comfort and support to do work efficiently. Therefore, Japanese office chairs are designed to be suitable for Asian people.

The ergonomic chair - Sylphy

3. BIFMA Certification

Office chairs from Japanese brands passed strict standards and achieve the BIFMA certificate of Furniture Manufacturers and Traders Association (USA).

4. Product is a symbol of quality and the sustainable development of society.

Japan is always a country that meets many users' expectations about the quality and durability of products. Office chairs from Japan are no exception, with a warranty of up to 7 years for the product.

Today, large corporations have been paying more attention to sustainable development, and Okamura Corporation from Japan is the same. We try to focus on product quality, increase durability, extend product life, and at the same time ensure recyclability up to 100%. In addition, we are constantly researching and developing the production line to maximize clean energy.

The office chair Cynara with recyclability is 100%

5. Product convenience.

User-friendly product design: easy to install and use.

Some products that can be folded, increase the efficiency of storage space.

The multi-purpose chair - Runa

If you are finding an office chair, please visit our showroom or our dealers’ showroom to try our products.


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