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Okamura new collection, Chatbox, Sprint, Sphere, Contessa Circular

New Collection

New Collection - Contessa circular

Timeless office seating "Contessa" unveiled at Cologne's 2002 International Furniture Fair, Contessa became an instant global star for Okamura. 20 years on, this highly acclaimed office chair's popularity has not faded.



Sphere is a task chair that naturally fits a variety of body types. Using proprietary Okamura technology, the backrest and seat change shape to surround your body, naturally fitting the form of the user. We put a lot of effort into creating a seat that would become a workplace standard by not only offering a comfortable seat that envelops the user but also by being environmentally friendly. 



With minimal functionality, the aesthetic and structure are kept as simple as ever. Its simplicity and attention to detail characterize the e.n.a. chair.



Given the inherent limits to individual increases in efficiency, it's necessary to improve teamwork.

Okamura has envisioned a new way to accelerate teamwork.

Welcome to workplace efficiency redefined for a new era.



Every open space deserves a Chatbox for deep work, private calls or a creative session.  Increase your productivity by 25% With over a decade of experience, we ensure superior soundproofing to increase your productivity.

CHATBOX by Silen

Lives Pouf

Lives Pouf is designed to encourage creative thinking and to support informal ways of working and collaboration in the shared areas of the workplace – such as cafes and touch-down points, break-out spaces, and co-working environments.  Its softness and warmth allow you to create a place to repose within the information storm of our times.  With a wide range of upholstery options Lives Pouf can match any interior design.


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