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The chairs in Japanese-style

In the age of technology, the office is the place where we spend a lot of time every day. That is the reason why more and more businesses are investing in facilities, creating a smart, comfortable, and efficient workspace. This not only helps reduce stress for employees, but also strengthens the health of workers.

With outstanding advantages in features and design, office chairs from Japan are becoming the favorite choice of many people to use in the workspace.

1. Some highlight Japanese-style chairs

Referring to Japan, you will immediately think of simplicity, meticulousness, and unobtrusive but very delicate. The Japanese design style is usually neat and minimalist, but still brings full functionality, creating convenience for users.

1.1. The legless chair / zaisu

A zaisu (座椅子) is a Japanese chair with a back and no legs. They are often found in traditional rooms with tatami mats. Zaisu appeared for a long time, but still has strong influence on the trend in interior decoration and workspaces.

Nowadays, from the original design of zaisu, designer has created a new product based on this concept (legless) but combined with many materials such as wood, leather, or high-quality fabric. It creates area a unique and sophisticated beauty. With a simple and convenient design, this chair is often used in the living area in traditional designs.

japan office chair

Source from Wikipedia

1.2 The ergonomic chair

The ergonomic chairs were born to support human sitting with the right posture. These are smart products that bring the comfortable and leverage work performance.

At the office, most people use office chairs for a long time, without the correct sitting posture, which will cause shoulder, back, and leg pain. Over time, if you do not adjust your posture in time, it will lead to many bad effects on your health, as well as your work performance. With that in mind, ergonomic chairs are here to solve these difficulties.

The appearance of the ergonomic chair is the same as that of ordinary office chairs, but it is equipped with superior features to ensure that people have a healthy posture. In addition, the structure of the seat cushion and the back of the chair should be designed to support the human body.

Ergonomic chairs are divided into several types based on the needs of the user.

  • Executive chair, chair for senior management, director's chair. Besides the functions to support the sitting posture, is also focused on the design.

japan office chair
  • The high-end office chair, the chair line will focus more on functions, ensuring the occupants have a healthy sitting posture, reduce fatigue, and increase work productivity.

japan office chair
  • Multi-function chair, this is a quite flexible chair, can be used in meeting rooms (Plimode, Cynara), training rooms, classrooms. Often these chairs will have features that help save workspace by being easily folded (Runa, Marca). In addition, there are some quite special chairs that help people easily change positions (Repiroue).

japan office chair

2. What are the reasons for owning Okamura products?

Okamura office furniture is a leading Japanese brand with more than 70 years of experience, experts from Okamura have created office chairs that are fully equipped with features and have high aesthetics.

Some exclusive techniques from Okamura

  • Multi-density mattress is made up of layers of material with 3 different levels, increasing from front to back, helping to support the hips, and reducing pressure on the lower legs.

  • Lumbar support device is attached to the back of the chair, helping to adjust the curvature of the chair back to hug the back of the occupant, ensuring that the back is always supported during the sitting process.

  • Armrest can be adjusted up to 4D, creating comfort during operation.

  • Okamura's mesh fabric provides ventilation when sitting, but still ensures to keep the shape during use.

In addition, Okamura also collaborates with the world's leading design companies, to create super products with extremely unique designs such as Finora, Contessa II.

With the development of technology and design, the line of Japanese-style office chairs is becoming more and more modern and diverse in design, but still retains the traditional and delicate features of the Land of the Rising Sun. Through the article, hopefully you have gained more knowledge about Japanese style office chairs, from which you can choose for yourself a suitable chair to improve working efficiency and enjoy comfort. in your workspace.


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