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Helpful tips for choosing the right high-end office chair, an executive chair that for experts

People are the most important resource of an enterprise. Understanding that many businesses constantly offer attractive benefits to attract talent. Facilities at the office are not only the face of the business but also one of the ways to score points with candidates, especially senior management positions.

In an overall design, often director chairs, senior management chairs, and staff chairs will not use the same product line to make a difference. However, it is still possible to use the same product line, but there will be differences in materials and accessories attached.

1. The outstanding factors that create the high-end office chair, executive chairs for experts

The executive chair is often the most powerful chair and will be completely different from other chairs in style to function.

Chairs for senior managers often focus on design, showing majesty and strength. Leather material is often the first choice for high-end director chairs. In addition, you can also choose fabric or mesh material depending on personal preference.

In addition to the aesthetic factor, the function of the chair is equally important. Priority should be given to choosing ergonomic chairs with the function of supporting people to sit in the correct posture, reducing discomfort and fatigue when sitting for a long time.

High-end executive chairs often have a headrest, or high back. In addition, coat hangers will be indispensable accessories.

2. Okamura high-class executive chair - The trend of executive chairs from Japanese brands

In addition to the aesthetic and functional factors, priority should be given to choosing products with long-standing brands, this is a guarantee of product quality. Okamura brand with more than 70 years of experience, products are created by skilled craftsmen, and products are always researched and applied the most advanced technological advances to bring the best experience to users.

Chairs for senior executive positions are also an important furniture product in the company. Owning a high-class director's chair in the office will make it easy for executives to inspire work inspiration. With many outstanding features and sophisticated, luxurious but equally classy design, Okamura high-class office chair promises to bring great experiences. If you are in Ho Chi Minh City and are looking for an office chair for your business, then you can refer to the Okamura brand. Because we have a lot of chair models such as senior director, manager chair, and high-class office chairs with full functions, supporting the health of users.

3. Some models of executive chairs for senior managers of Okamura

3.1 Legender:

This is one of the top high-end executive chairs from Japan by Okamura. With soft genuine leather, meticulous stitching and functionality create a sophistication and class suitable for the style of top leaders. The chair has a variety of leather colors, as well as different leather textures for customers to choose from.

High end office chair Legender,

Features of Legender chair:

  • The smart operation, adjusts the seat right at the button under the armrest, so the occupants do not need to lean to adjust the chair.

  • Ankle tilt reclining

  • Multi-density cushion

  • Backrest recline

  • Adjust reclining tension

  • Seat depth adjustment

  • Height adjustable

3.2 Shibusa:

With a simple yet elegant design. Shibusa chair is designed according to the inspiration of simple beauty, not dazzling. Shibusa chair is designed with a wooden back panel, a very unique combination.

High end office chair Shibusa,

Features of Shibusa chair:

  • Designed by Richard Holbrook

  • Backrest Recline

  • Height Adjustable.

3.3 Contessa II:

The high-class office chair line is a perfect combination of a unique design from Italy (ITALDESIGN) and skilled techniques from Japan (Okamura). The Contessa II chair is upgraded compared to the old version released 20 years ago. Possessing the beautiful lines of the original, along with new features, the Contessa II director chair will give operators a sense of comfort and convenience when working.

High end office chair Contessa II

Features of Contessa II chair:

  • The smart operation adjusts the seat right at the button under the armrest, the occupants do not need to lean to adjust the chair.

  • Ankle tilt reclining

  • 4D adjustable arm

  • Backrest recline

  • Seat depth adjustment

  • Adjust reclining tension

  • Height adjustable

3.4 Choral:

This is a chair line that means "a perfect harmonious Japanese chair" and has high applicability. The Choral executive chair is an aesthetically minimalist design with intuitive features, and simple general ergonomic adjustments, suitable for all office environments.

High end office chair Choral

Features of Choral chair:

  • Multi-density cushion

  • Ankle tilt reclining

  • Quick slide action

  • Adjustable arm

  • Height adjustable

  • Seat depth adjustment


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