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Okamura has become the first Japanese office furniture company to have Level certificate.

Sustainable development is Okamura's strategic goal, therefore, in each stage of product composition from design, and selection of materials, to production, we always put environmental friendliness on top.

Okamura is working toward having more of its products evaluated for third-party certification. This will give our customers more information about how our products are manufactured, allowing them to make more informed decisions on how their purchases can reduce the effects on the environment.

Level @ by Bifma, the trusted furniture sustainability certification program created to provide a comprehensive and transparent.

LEVEL is an evaluation and certification system for environmentally preferable and socially-responsible office furniture. The LEVEL program has three performance tiers; LEVEL 1, 2, and 3. The higher the number, the more criteria considered and met.

These are some of the LEVEL-certified products from Okamura.


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