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Okamura’s Cushion & Mesh Providing A Comfortable Seat For You!

Creating a comfortable seat, whilst still retaining strength and durability is not easy. With the belief and dedication to ‘Made in Japan’ quality, we have looked again and again at the backrest and seat of our office chairs, refining the details and increasing the quality of the finished products. Okamura sought to create task chairs with good design and responsive ergonomic support, therefore we developed Multiple Density Cushion and High-Performance Mesh.

Multiple Density Cushion

Okamura's unique Multiple Density Cushion utilizes three types of urethane foam, of varying firmness, layered together, to promote healthy sitting and posture stability. The cushion provides softer support at the front of the seat, reducing pressure on the thigh for improved circulation; denser cushioning at the back firmly supports the hips for stability and improved posture.

High-Performance Mesh

Having the durability to hold a person’s weight without losing structure, and being flexible enough to provide a comfortable seat, we developed High-Performance Mesh with Kawashima Selkon Textiles that contains these two contradicting characteristics.

Okamura’s High-Performance Mesh was first launched in 2002 with Contessa - Japan’s first office chair to use mesh for both its backrest and seat. Our mesh has evolved in various ways design-wise. For example, our gradation mesh allows us to provide different tensions to different areas of the backrest and body. Naturally, everything from material procurement, to mesh construction and chair assembly takes place in Japan. It’s this ‘Made in Japan’ quality that makes Okamura’s mesh seating so special.


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