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Choral’s name symbolizes the concept of a “perfectly tuned chair”— ergonomically tuned to your body and aesthetically tuned to the office. This simple approach has achieved a timeless design and dynamic beauty that is harmonized to complement a multitude of office environments...



Sabrina embodies Okamura’s philosophy of design, in which beauty and comfort work together to create lasting trust and confidence. The iconic flexible ring structure creates a striking and streamlined visual. The chair supports your posture, flexing to follow every movement. Lean back, stretch, reach — Sabrina accommodates every movement in a way that feels natural. So you can work effortlessly.



Experience the impossible lightness and effortless support of Cynara, a task chair that integrates intuitive, responsive functionality with a clean-cut, refined aesthetic to complete any work setting. Cynara draws on the strength and flexibility of its gently curved frame, a responsive structure that flexes and adapts, cradling the seat, to support movement and provide comfort.



Okamura understands that people are shaped differently. To accommodate different body types, we developed a unique and easily adjustable seat curve that supports a wide range of back sizes. The back curve adjustment helps the ergonomic chair - Sylphy achieve personalized seating comfort for the whole office



Designed based on Okamura’s own research into ergonomics, Rin is a chair that provides a comfortable seating experience and helps maintain an ideal posture. The meaning of Rin is “Dignified", a word that means "to be firm" and "to be powerful". It points to a crisp and intelligent figure, and it seems that there is a moderate sense of tension.



Elevate the meeting space with a touch of high-quality hospitality. Streamlined frame, comfortable seating experience, and efficient storage capability. Marca is a user-friendly chair that brings a new sense of value to meeting areas.



Runa has a simplistic design that embodies the functional needs of versatile office environments, Runa offers a wide variety of colors and finishes for a comprehensive seating collection. When you need the freedom to think creatively and want those big ideas, Runa gives you that freedom and support to succeed.



Repiroue - perfect combination of Sitting and standing - a new style of Work Posture Create a healthy, dynamic workplace with a stool that stimulates work engagement by keeping the body and mind active. Repiroue tilts with the body in any direction. Designed based on ergonomic principle, Repiroue brings the best comfortable seating, and freedom creative during working time.


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