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Rin chair
ghe Rin
ghe van phong Nhat Ban



The meaning of Rin is “Dignified", a word that means "to be firm" and "to be powerful". It points to a crisp and intelligent figure, and it seems that there is a moderate sense of tension.


Design based on Okamura's own research into ergonomics, Tin is a chair that provides a comfortable seating experience and helps maintain ideal posture.



Ghe cong thai hoc cao cap

Reclining Tension Adjustment

The reclining tension can be adjusted to suit your body. The backrest has a reclining range of 22o and can be locked in a pre-set position.

ghe cong thai hoc nhap khau

Ankle-tilt Reclining

An ankle-tilt mechanism enables anyone to find his or her most comfortable reclining position. Using the ankle as a pivot point, this mechanism moves in sync with the seat, for greater support — stimulating variation in posture and relaxation, with uninterrupted comfort.

office chair

Smart design

The backrest is shaped to provide a simply hidden handle to help move the chair

office seating

Seat Height Adjustment

Adjust the chair height, up to 110mm.

Seat Depth Adjustment

Adjustment of the seat’s depth, within a range of 50mm. (optional)

noi that van phong
ghe cong thai hoc

Adjustable Arms

1D/3D adjustable arms can be adjusted in height (up to 70mm).

3D adjustable arms can be adjusted angle


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