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Choral’s name symbolizes the concept of a “perfectly tuned chair”—ergonomically tuned to your body and aesthetically tuned to the office. This simple approach has achieved a timeless design and dynamic beauty that is harmonized to complement a multitude of office environments.

Our aim was to create a highly functional product within the simplest form possible. With pressure to create a highly functional office chair, the assumption would be that a more complex product would materialize. Yet complex forms and functions are not always appealing, so we worked tirelessly to mask exceptional comfort, ergonomics, and function in an impeccably simple design. The result we achieved with Choral is an aesthetically minimalist design with intuitive features and extensive ergonomic adjustments.

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Multiple Density Cushion

Okamura's unique Multiple Density Cushion utilizes three types of urethane foam, of varying firmness, layered together, to promote healthy sitting. The cushion provides softer support at the front of the seat, reducing pressure on the thighs for improved circulation; denser cushioning at the back firmly supports the hips for stability and improved posture.

Quick Slide Operation

The Quick Slide mechanism will alter the seatback tension with the flick of your wrist. This easy operation enable’s users to adjust the tension with the free positioning slide lever and has a wide adjustment range to suit everyone.

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Seat Height Adjustment

Adjust the chair height, up to 110mm, using the lever beneath the seat (right).

Ankle tilt
Japan high end office seating

Ankle-tilt Reclining

An ankle-tilt mechanism enables anyone to find his or her most comfortable reclining position. Using the ankle as a pivot point, this mechanism moves in sync with the seat, for greater support — stimulating variation in posture and relaxation, with uninterrupted comfort. Choral has a reclining angle up to 23°

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high end ergonomic chair

Adjustable Arms

Adjustable arms can be adjusted in four dimensions: height, depth, width, and angle — enabling the most comfortable elbow support for the various tasks at hand.

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Seat Pivot Suspension

Using our pivot suspension, support a simple pivot joint at both sides on the outside edges of the seat frame, allowing the plastic seat pan to flex and provide that extra comfort.


Seat Depth Adjustment

Adjustment of the seat’s depth, within a range of 50mm, is available using the levers beneath the seat (left).


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