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Shibusa ergonomic chair
high end ergonomic chair
imported ergonomic chair
high end director chair



Simplicity, implicitly, modesty, naturalness, everydayness, imperfection, and silence. In these traits, one discovers the Japanese aesthetic philosophy of SHIBUSA.

Connection, sharing, collaboration - these activities have never been more important at work and in life. We come together in places created to encourage and support engagement and contribution. In conference rooms, around tables, in groups large and not so large, we converse, display, enlighten and learn.

Suspended in the balance between simplicity and complexity, restraint and spontaneity, SHIBUSA by Okamura represents understated elegance and quiet confidence.



Designed by Richard Holbrook

Designed by Richard Holbrook

Richard Holbrook has been helping companies create innovative and successful products and brand positioning strategies for over thirty years. Working with industry leaders in office and outdoor furniture, appliances, lighting, and consumer products, he has built a portfolio of work that is diverse in scope and consistent in design excellence.

ghe van phong cao cap

Backrest recline

The exclusive tilt mechanism provides postural support for the activities of conferencing. A fixed seat cushion and a backrest recline range of  11 °, eliminate seat drop, keeping eye levels more consistent.

high end leather chair

Back panel

You can choose various specifications for the back panel on the back according to the table and scene to match

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Seat up / down adjustment

The vertical height of the seat can be adjusted by operating the lever at the bottom right of the seat.


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