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Task chair

finora cate 1628x400.jpg

Finora was designed to encapsulate beauty with streamlined thinness and lightness. By applying the design philosophy that is distinctive to the automotive industry, Finora provides the modern worker with a high level of functionality for the ultimate level in comfort in an office chair without sacrificing the esthetic design...


sabrina cate 1628x400.jpg

Sabrina embodies Okamura’s philosophy of design, in which beauty and comfort work together to create lasting trust and confidence. The iconic flexible ring structure creates a striking and streamlined visual. The chair supports your posture, flexing to follow every movement. Lean back, stretch, reach — Sabrina accommodates every movement in a way that feels natural. So you can work effortlessly.


baron cate 1628x400.jpg

Baron is a cutting-edge ergonomic chair developed in collaboration with the world-renowned Italian design firm Giugiaro Design. The office chair - Baron blends the world’s most advanced seating technology with an extraordinarily simple design to reinvigorate any office space. It is available in a choice of 12 mesh colors.


sylphy cate 1628x400 2.png

Okamura understands that people are shaped differently. To accommodate different body types, we developed a unique and easily adjustable seat curve that supports a wide range of back sizes. The back curve adjustment helps the ergonomic chair - Sylphy achieve personalized seating comfort for the whole office


Portone Smart Product category 1628x400.jpg

The union of style and comfort.

The pliable frame harmonizes with your movement as the lumbar support comfortably contours the curves of your back.

A design born of Okamura's fascination with ergonomics.


Rin category 1628x400 2.png

Designed based on Okamura’s own research into ergonomics, Rin is a chair that provides a comfortable seating experience and helps maintain ideal posture. The meaning of Rin is “Dignified", a word that means "to be firm" and "to be powerful". It points to a crisp and intelligent figure, and it seems that there is a moderate sense of tension.


primp cate 1628x400.jpg

Surrender to the same comfort. Anytime, anywhere.

The quality of a chair is measured by the level of comfort you'd experience after sitting in it for long periods of time.

Primp is a basic chair that supports your back with a soft mesh fabric, giving you nice comfort. Backed up by Okamura's strong DNA in engineering, Primp freshen up the office ambiance with smart design. 


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