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Portone 500x387

Portone- The union of style and comfort.

The pliable frame harmonizes with your movement as the lumbar support comfortably contours the curves of your back.

A design born of Okamura's fascination with ergonomics.

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Pliable Frame

The backrest flexes with the motion of your body. The bend comfortably accommodates natural side-to-side movement.

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Seat Height Adjustment

Adjust the chair height, up to 120mm, by pulling up the lever under the seat on right.

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Seat Depth Adjustment

Adjustment of the seat’s depth, within a range of 52mm, is available using the levers under the seat on right.


Smart fit Reclining

The chair automatically adjusts the reclining tension into a sitter's weight, regardless of each person's unique physical differences

The backrest can be locked and released by operating the lever under the seat on the right (4 levels fixed, reclining up to 19 degrees)


Adjustable Arms

1D, 3D, and 4D adjustable arms easily adjust up and down.

4D adjustable arms also twist inward and outward and slide forward, backward, right, and left.


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