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noi that van phong cao cap
imported sofa
japan sofa
ghe sofa Nhat ban
ghe sofa cao cap nhap khau
ghe sofa nhap khau
sofa chair



Nagare, which means ‘flow’ in Japanese, is a new collection of lounge furniture that responds to the way we work today. This collection of seating and tables, inspired by nature, brings a gentle sense of movement and creates a place of repose within the information storm of our times. Nagare provides the opportunity for mindfulness and introspection as if you are sitting on the bank of a brook. Nagare consists of two distinct families – NAGARE Lounge and NAGARE Platform – each element possesses a sculptural quality that makes a bold aesthetic statement, while also being highly functional. This new collection has been carefully designed to help us work more effectively wherever work might happen.






Very much intended as a statement piece, NAGARE Lounge has been inspired by geologic forms almost looking as though it might have been hewn from the earth. The range is suitable for a huge variety of environments where calm and introspection are needed or where its inspirational form can encourage interaction. This visually bold piece facilitates work on the move with functional provisions such as power and USB ports, it is ideal for reception spaces and client lounge areas, where visitors can plug in and recharge with ease.

noi that van phong nhat ban
noi that sanh cho



While NAGARE Lounge is of the earth, NAGARE Platform has a lighter, more ethereal aesthetic that allows users to perch on its horizontal plane and perform any number of tasks. It is designed to facilitate informal ways of working and collaboration in the shared areas of the office – such as active receptions and touch down points, break-out spaces, cafes and co-working environments, supporting creative thinking and rejuvenation. Available with or without a back, NAGARE Platform encourages collaborative activities and impromptu communication, as well as allowing solo workers the opportunity to spread out and have space to think.

high end office furniture
imported office furniture


japan furniture

Work cushion

With a soft side that conforms to the angle of the sofa, the work cushion placement can be adjusted according to the users' needs. The optional plastic top provides a solid work surface.

japan office furniture

Armrest Cushion

Design as part of the lounge, these soft form armrests can be placed freely at any position.

high end lounge chair

Multi-purpose Cushion

Stone-like in composition, they are available in the shapes of triangles, soft rectangles, and trapezoids. They can be used as a backrest, a place to lean, or as a laptop table. The soft rectangle may have a plastic

high end sofa

Power Outlet

Power outlet available on both sides of 2 or 3 seat sofa, one side of 1 seat, USB charging ports may be specified. 


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