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From a sense of belonging to a culture of innovation.


Subtle, adjustable boundaries, offer places for authentic conversations, that build trust, care, and a sense of belonging. These powerful connections will help teams collaborate more effectively and contribute to a creative and innovative team culture. 


A “room-within-a-room” to create diverse spaces.


Lives Post + Beam is a simple, modular system that can shape a range of new spaces in the open-plan office. The post and beam structure helps define zones that invite teams into diverse settings. A comfortable ‘room within a room’ can help teams to share and connect together. The system is simple to install and requires no major construction work.


Open meeting area


Add a café setting

lives-post-and-beam-AR 2.jpeg

Enhance a team project space

lives-post-and-beam-AR 3.jpeg

Flexible layout changes


Light and easy to slide, the movable panels offer flexibility. Teams can simply adjust the boundaries for different activities or group sizes, at any time. 

Moving panels and curtains can be attached to the beam to change the room setup to suit the number of people in the team and the purpose of the room at any given time. The mobile panel with monitor is powered by an *OC portable battery and can be moved to any position without dependence on a power source.


A wide variety of options


The beautiful appearance of this extremely simple product can be used in a variety of spaces. The frame colors range from vivid, which gives a playful feeling to the space, to subdued, which can be set up according to the purpose and use of the space. There are two types of panels: movable panels and fixed panels. Whiteboard panels and monitor panels, which are essential for meetings, as well as felt panels and curtains to block the line of sight are also available


Sliding across the post


Innovative Angled Rail


An angled rail allows movable panels to slide across the post. A T-junction ‘turning bay’ lets the team flip panels from front to back, or rearrange their order along the beam.

Flipping panels from front to back 



Movable Panel

Fixed Panel

Full Fixed Panel


Logo indoor - Noi that van phong cao cap
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live post and beam - awards.JPG
live post and beam - awards.JPG
live post and beam - awards.JPG
live post and beam - awards.JPG
live post and beam - awards.JPG
live post and beam - awards.JPG
live post and beam - awards.JPG

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