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Simple and functional. A product for open offices. An indispensable product for open office spaces.


Drape is a minimal-sized pod with sound-absorbing capability.

It takes up as little as four carpet tiles to build and transform open offices into a hub of concentration.

The outer side of the two-toned panels is colored with brighter hues to uplift the office, while the inside panels are covered with a calming gray tone.




The perfect get-away space

The highly effective sound-absorbing panels reduce noise in open offices, giving you a quiet environment you need to focus on your task. The panels also prevent inside sounds from leaking.

drape booth working
buong lam viec ca nhan

Creative Geometric Configurations

"Tri" is the standard configuration consisting of three panels, perpendicular to each to make a U shape. "Tetra" and "Penta" have an additional short panel that sits at a 120 degree angle at the entrance for an added level of privacy. A myriad of configurations are possible with your creativity

personal booth area

The Tri require less than 40"x40" of floor space, a footprint similar to four carpet tiles.

It is only possible to see inside the booth from one angle (3) ensuring you get the privacy you need to concentrate and focus.

Japan booth working area
  1. When inside the booth, the user sits facing the inside corner, cutting visual interference from outside. The diagonally cut tabletop also secures ample workspace and legroom.

  2. Tetra’s small panel behind the user prevents others from looking inside, giving the user a feeling of security

  3. The slim profile panels are only 30mm thick and features an edge profile cut at a 60 degree angle. The two-toned panels create sharp visual.

buong lam viec Nhat Ban


booth 1m


buong lam viec 1m

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