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A shelf with a wide range of usability and configuration, extending the versatility of a display shelf. By reconsidering the structure of the frame and shelf board, it has evolved into a minimalistic design. Not only can it partition the space, but it also can allow or block the visual field with a combination of panels.


Control the visual field with panels

Back panels can be attached to various sections and can be used as partitions for aisles and cafe areas

ke cao cap Nhat Ban

Sofa option

Can be used to create a space with storage and a sofa.

Ke van phong cao cap

Minimal frame unit

Fits well in any space by configuring the slender frame, shelf, and base. The unit is available in various design combinations using multiple wood grain and powder coat steel finishes.

Office shelf

Versatility with lower-height units.

Shelf units at H1000 and H400 can also be used as counter-tops and seating-connecting together seamlessly within the space

high end office shelf


live shelf


Japan Shelf in Vietnam

Back panel

live shelf

End panel

live shelf okamura

Planter box


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