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Work Station

traverse cate 1500x500.jpg

In today's workplace, conference rooms are challenged with shrinking size as well as the need to adapt to evolving technologies. Traverse is a collection of two conference tables defined by narrow contours that broaden office space, bringing people together beautifully.


traverse satelitte cate 1500x500.jpg

Traverse Satellite exhibits Okamura’s incomparable attention to detail and pragmatic technological integration which upgrades the simplest meeting spaces. The legs’ triangular shape combined with their angled attachment make them appear thinner and reinforce the tables’ sleek modernity. Inside each leg is a concealed compartment for wiring.


oree cate 1500x500.jpg

Oree signifies a point that infuses simplicity and strength while drawing inspiration from Japanese origami. Design of OREE is a successful collaboration between Okamura and Orbit design studio.


manifold A 1500x500.jpg

Create an optimal office layout that prioritizes your needs and responds to diverse situations. Manifold-A is a perfect product for your office layout. Desk system to fit a variety of workplace. Simple - Conception - Dynamic


sw cate 1500x500.jpg

Work standing or work sitting. Having this flexibility is healthy, inspiring, and efficient for office workers. No more adapting your work style to the desk, now the desk adapts to your work style. Move the surface of the desk up or down quickly and with ease, creating the optimum positioning for the worker when it's needed. With full focus on freed movement, comfort, and safety, this flexible SW is a fusion of design and functionality.


soliste cate 1500x500.jpg

SOLISTE is a new standard desk developed for future offices. With a simple design such as a thin top plate and thin legs, it is beautiful even when used alone, and there is no feeling of oppression even when arranged in multiples, creating an open and sophisticated space.


vda cate 1500x500 2.jpg

With the rapid development of mobile tools and the impact this has on work style, the demands on office space and office furniture are changing. Changes in work styles・activity-based working (ABW) are expected to further advance. It is expected that working styles will continue to diversify in the future, and Okamura is introducing the “New Office Series” tailored to such office trends.


risefit cate 1500x500.jpg

Risefit is a versatile supplementary work table that can be used in any part of your company’s office, lobby, or lounge. Its height can be continually readjusted to meet the needs of any particular user at any time, whether sitting or standing. This is achieved by the direct operation of Risefit’s flexible arm and hydraulic pressure switch.


Flaptor cate 1500x500.jpg

The folding table Flaptor is designed as a parallel nesting table. It realizes space-saving and beautiful storage. The square pipe legs and frame support the table’s luxurious design, stability, and durability. Flaptor is fit for office applications as well as higher education spaces.


Product category Aption free 1628x400.png

Aption Free has various versions of the desks to suit the new working style trend, people can meet anywhere, and easily set up a desk with a flexible number of people.


VD Desk Product category 1628x400.png

The VD Desk series is a desk system that can be combined in a variety of ways to suit your office space and workstyle.

With a wide variety of variations and sizes, easy-to-use functions and a wide range of options, you can create a comfortable workspace.


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