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A highly versatile desk series that realizes a comfortable workspace.

The VD desk series is a desk system that can be combined in a variety of ways to suit your office space and work style.

With a wide variety of variations and sizes, easy-to-use functions, and a wide range of options, you can create a comfortable workspace.


Desks suitable for various office scenes, fine-tuning the details through persistence and technological expertise.

VD desk system is the basic model of the desk system. Enhanced storage capacity and a variety of options mean that it will serve your growing needs into the future.

VD Desk
VD Desk

Manager desk


VD desk system fulfills all the standard functionality your office requires, including electrical cord routes necessary for your deskwork equipment and increased storage capacity.

VD Desk
VD Desk

Key for every drawer

VD Desk

All drawers can be locked. The key blade is serrated on both sides. So can fit into the keyhole either way. No need to check which way 18 up. Key turn 180 degree.

Storage potential

ban van phong

The shallow drawer with pen tray lets you organize small objects and work materials, whilte the two file drawers underneath extend down close to the floor, giving you lots of room for filing.

The upper file drawer stores à documents, while the lower one stores both à and B4 ones.

Plastic front-piece

office desk

Drawer front pieces use a permanent antistatic plastic that resist soiling.

Compared to steel, the touch is soft and warm.

Mobile drawer unit handgrip

imported office desk

The latch safeguard stops the drawer from falling out, making for safer operation (Not available for pen tray section)

Safety rollers to prevent tipping

ban van phong nhap khau

All mobile drawer units come with rollers designed to prevent the unit from tipping over.

Horizontal ducts for wiring inside

VD Desk catalog

The system is equipped with longitudinal Ducts for the protection of wiring.

The longitudinal ducts, made of transparent materials.

Allow easy maintenance as the wiring  Inside the ducts is visible.

japan office desk
ban van phong nhat ban
ban cong thai hoc
ergonomic desk
ergonomic table
VD Desk
ban cong thai hoc Nhat Ban
ban Nhat Ban
ban van phong Nhat Ban


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