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SOLISTE is a new standard desk developed for future offices. With a simple design such as a thin top plate and thin legs, it is beautiful even when used alone, and there is no feeling of oppression even when arranged in multiples, creating an open and sophisticated space.

With abundant color variations and two types of legs, frame, and panel, it can be used in any scene from casual to formal.


Simple design with no waste.

With a thin top plate with a thickness of 15 mm and thin frame legs, the office desk has achieved an unprecedentedly simple design. There is no feeling of oppression and it matches any space.

soliste desk

Wiring route

Under the top plate, there is a wiring duct that can accommodate the extra length of the OA tap and cable. Cables tend to be complicated and can be stored neatly together.

imported desk

Wiring rise

Wiring can be set up on the desk surface through the gap between the top plate and the curtain plate. It can be launched from anywhere in a wide direction.

high end office desk

Middle Leg

The power supply and LAN can be started up from the inside of the middle leg, and it can be arranged neatly and neatly.

* The specifications of the intermediate legs are black only.

office desk

A unified design with wood grain.

The side of the desk is made up of thin and simple panels to achieve a classic shape but lightness. The top plate and sides are connected by a grain of the wood, creating a unified space.

office desk

Curtain board

A curtain plate that hides your feet is standard equipment. You can concentrate on your work without worrying about the line of sight from the other side.

Wiring duct

The wiring duct can be accessed from the front by removing the cover. Maintenance of various wiring can be performed easily.

imported office desk
japan office desk

Footrest (high type)

It is comfortable because your feet touch the ground even on a high table. Can be combined with a high chair.

* Footrest specifications are black only.

japan desk

By laying out the trapezoidal desk facing the center, you can create an environment where the lines of sight each other intersect and it is easy to communicate. Information exchange within the team will also become active, fostering creative sensibilities.

okamura desk

When the trapezoidal desk is turned outward, the line of sight to the people facing each other is shifted, and the layout makes it easier to concentrate on individual tasks. Create an environment that improves work efficiency and keeps a good sense of distance from team members.



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