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The folding table Flaptor is designed as a parallel nesting table. It realizes space saving and beautiful storing. The square pipe legs and frame support the table’s luxurious design, stability, and durability. Flaptor is fit for office applications as well as higher education spaces.



A broad range of uses for today’s work situations

FLAPTOR is a sideways-folding table with a range of nine subdued tabletop colors. Its angled nesting ability also keeps limited storage space to a minimum, allowing you to store it out of the way when not in use. Put FLAPTOR to work for you in the broad range of work situations you face today


Angled nesting for efficient storage

Tables can be easily nested for storing. They are also light which makes moving them effort-free. You can efficiently store them out of the way in places such as a corner of the room or a larger utility room.

Easy folding with a single motion

With its single flip-up motion, FLAPTOR can be easily folded by just about anyone. It features levers on both sides to allow folding from either left or right side of the table.


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