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From the traditional style of “working in a fixed seat and meeting in a conference room”, a new work style that allows users to freely set up a place for communication and share a place for work.

Such as “I want to meet right now” and “I want a workplace other than my seat” which respond to increasing motivation.

Moving & Sharing ── People move, the table moves freely, and set the place voluntarily. Aption-free is a free environment tool for such a motivated and energetic workplace.


Inset leg type that middle leg does not interfere

When connecting the tables to "Wide type" and "Square type", the "Inset leg type" allows the middle leg on the top plate to be set 360mm inside  (excluding the 1200D type) prepared. The wide table surface can be used freely and the chair can be moved easily from side to side but is hindered by the middle leg. It is possible to change from a single table to a large bench table according to the work scene.

Aption free

Caster type that can be moved flexibly

Because it is a caster type with a high degree of mobility, it is possible to create an optimal workspace according to the number of people and purpose.

Aption free

L leg type that creates a space at your feet

Aption free
Aption free

The L-leg type has wide space around the legs when sitting, and can be used for group work or solo work without restricting the number of people at one table

The L leg type can be selected from 720H which is ideal for sitting work and meetings, and 1000H which is optimal for work in a standing posture

Selectable leg type

Aption free

There are three types of legs: “○ leg” with nimble impression, “□ leg” with a neat impression, and  “L leg” that creates a space at the foot.


import office desk

There is a partition that hides your feet by attaching into your table legs

Flexible table

high end office desk

4 legs and 1 leg type are available. It can be used for one person's work or a combination of two or more people. You can choose from various unique plate shapes. The single prop type is equipped with casters, so it can be moved with light power and can be set easily.

Aption free

Selectable leg type (4 legs type)

Aption free
Aption free
Aption free
japan office desk

The end led of the four-leg type has a fixing adjuster.
(Front leg) and moving caster (back leg) are attached as a pair. You can move easily by lifting one side.

Four leg caster has a stopper that it can be fixed easily. If a stopper is applied, the rotation and the swing of the wheel can be fixed at the same time.


Aption free

The wiring process under the table can be selected according to your preferences and purpose of use from the startup method (clip / cable guard) and extra length duct (wire type / resin type).

Aption free

Wiring is dropped from the back side of the table to the floor. When the table panel is installed, it will guarantee about 35 mm

Vertical lift table

Aption free
Aption free

Height can be adjusted from 605 to 805H

A type in which the table can be raised and lowered by lever operation is also available.


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