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ban giam doc nhap khau
high end import office desk


With the simplicity found in the brush strokes of Japanese calligraphy as its starting point, the Traverse Satellite built upon the silhouette of the original Traverse Conference Table. Traverse Satellite is a mid-sized table collection featuring rectangular and round top options in a variety of sizes and materials that include glass, Corian, wood veneer, and laminate. The original table’s diagonal wood sawhorse legs inspire the new version’s sleek diagonal legs that are available in painted and brushed anodized aluminum. There is a standing height variation that acts as a venue for quick discussions, great for open break areas to encourage interaction.


Design Center

Traverse Satellite is a result of a collaboration between Okamura and Rainlight - a product design studio located in London and Los Angeles.

design by Rainlight

A beautiful shape is the best function.

The tabletop is less than 30mm thick. Inspired by the slenderness of a brushstroke, the surface is complemented by an elegantly designed frame that guarantees both stability and maximum leg room. Clear lines and lightness make the table appear longer, thinner, linear, and narrow.

ban lam viec cao cap nhap khau

Exquisite finishes.

Building upon the elegant profile of the Traverse conference table, the Traverse Satellite conference table comes in a variety of rectangular and round top sizes with a range of carefully curated finish options including, glass, Corian©, wood veneer, and laminate. The tables' legs are available in painted or anodized aluminum.

ban lam viec cao cap nhap khau

Technology, hidden but fully powered.

Tables' rectangular and square tables have flush-mounted metal hatches that are available in various finishes such as veneer, laminate, and Corian©. At the bottom of one leg of each table is an inconspicuous access aperture for connecting the electrical and data systems to the floor outlet. The flexible leg attachment design allows for minimizing the length of exposed wiring and cable.

technology hidden high end import desk
technology hidden office desk


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